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Why is a good knowledge different from a brilliant age?

What is your answer?

1- One is a good knowledge, the other is a bright reign.

2- One is a right-hand soldier, the other is a bright cavalry.

3- One is the left brain, the other is the right brain.

4- One is a right brain, the other is a bright reign.

4- One is an intuitive knowledge, the other is a rational and analytical knowledge.

5- The right brain is a place of inspiration and imagination, and the left brain is a place of logic and reason.

6- One is the other is the first, the second.

7- One is for show, the other is for the sake of the meaning.

8- I'm not talking about academic knowledge, I'm talking about practical knowledge.

9- The greatest difference between the two is that knowledge is about content, and skills are about behavior. It refers to how to solve problems, not what problems to solve.

10- I am a combination of both.

Knowledge is the most important factor in assessing whether someone is suitable for a position, but experience is better than no experience, and the right brain is more important than the left. The reason why you can do it is because you have knowledge, and there are many high-level positions that need to be filled with knowledge .