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Would you rather be a cop or a firefighter?


Do you prefer to ride a roller coaster or a waterslide?

Live in the place of your dreams as a poor person or in a small town with a big house and all the perks

Do you prefer to have a full mustache for a year or hairy legs permanently for ten years?

Do you prefer hailstones or rain arrows?

Do you prefer to read in a secluded spider-infested cabin or a noisy cafe with bad music?

Would you prefer to be completely bald or covered in hair from head to toe?

Always have an itch that you can't reach or still have a song stuck in your head and you can't remember the name.

Would you rather save your family or your sweetheart if both of them are diagnosed with cancer?

Would you prefer to write books so-so, but as you keep writing your books get better and better known or write just three amazing books that are getting super popular and that everyone loves, but you stop your writing career there?

Would you rather sneeze chocolate or taste your tears like cheese?